... and give your business a 30-year advantage.

Whether the organisation is large or small, every business owner and executive knows being in business is challenging. However, when you are teamed with the former CEO of a multi-national company, you can be confident success is within your reach.

Now, on a part-time advisory basis, and for a fraction of the employment costs, companies can access the experience of former successful CEOs. 

Many of these CEOs previously worked for Fortune 500 and multi-national corporations. Their calibre is unquestionable having lead, or held key senior executive positions with organisations such as: Walt Disney Corporation, American Express, CSIRO, Qantas Airways, ANZ Banking Corporation, the Australian Defence Force, National Australia Bank, TNT Australia, The Coca Cola Corporation, Oracle, AT&T, and the like.

Individuals within the Managers & Directors network have held P&L responsibility for operations with turnovers from $20 million through to more than $5 billion. In addition, they have managed large teams, in one instance in excess of 25,000.

If you are interested in aligning yourself with a high-calibre successful CEO or managing director, contact us today and speak with one of the Managers & Directors team.

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