About Us

As a globally connected network of more than 500 worldwide, we are unique in our ability to provide business mentors in Perth with a lifetime of experience building businesses and teams from a wide range of industries. 

Our Experience

There is a vast range of experience within our 50 strong Australian business mentoring network in Perth.  This experience ranges from leading organisations with a turnover of at least $50M per year through to in excess of $5B and includes industries such as manufacturing, retail, aviation, professional services, finance and many more.

 Each business mentor in Perth has been successful in his or her own right, leading organisations and teams. You can now tap into this experience and gain the benefit of years of experience.

Our Network

Out business mentor network in Perth has been built over the years to include current and former CEOs’, managing directors, Chairmen and senior executives from a range of industries.  The network of more than 50, spans Australia and include executives from Asia, the Middle East, Europe and North America.

Each business mentor in Perth is independent, providing you with the personalised business services that you and your business needs.

Below are some of the positions formerly held by Business Mentor Perth.  Depending on your business requirements, a business mentor from Perth is selected:

  •  Chairman – HSBC Banking Group
  •  Managing Director – James Hardy Industries
  •  Managing Director – DAS International
  •  Regional General Manager – National Australia Bank
  •  Vice President Operations – Bell Atlantic
  •  Senior Vice President (Aust) – American Express Int
  •  D/Chief Executive Officer – Qantas
  •  Chairman – State Compensation Board
  •  Regional Director – Coca-Cola South Pacific.
  •  Chief Executive Officer – Energy Trading Corporation
  •  Chief Executive Officer – AT&T Australasia
  •  General Manager – Work Cover NSW
  •  Senior Legal Council – Bond Corporation
  •  Chief Executive Officer – Maritime Board of Victoria
  •  Managing Director – Oracle Corporation Australia
  •  Chief Operations Officer – Evans & Tate Ltd
  •  Chief Executive Officer – Hazelton Airlines Ltd
  •  General Manager – Mayne Logistics
  •  Managing Director – Medtronic
  •  Director – P&O Marine
  •  President & CEO – Spherion (Asia Pacific)
  •  Company Secretary – Billabong International

Business mentors in Perth may perform roles and provide services outside their initial scope. Detailed below is a list of roles and services provided:

  •  Non-executive directors and chairmen
  •  Leadership and management training
  •  Stakeholder management advice and support
  •  Marketing strategies and execution
  •  Business outsourcing including internationally
  •  Mergers & acquisitions
  •  Business and executive mentoring
  •  Due diligence support and preparation
  •  Capital raising, both debt and equity
  •  Strategic and business planning.
  •  Management consulting
  •  Systems and processes development and implementation
  •  Executive search and placement
  •  Advisory board sourcing, development and management
  •  Communication development and implementation
  •  Training in the delegation of responsibility
  • Sales support advice and execution
  •  Operations and systems development
  •  Financial Control and management
  •  Networking
  •  Managing staff including peers, subordinates and superiors
  •  Retirement & succession planning for owners and management
  •  Negotiation tactics advice and support

We gained experience from ...

Activ Foundation
African Explosives & Chemicals
Agriculture & Veterinary Chemicals Assn
American Express international
Ansell International
ANZ Banking Group
Apollo Batteries
AT&T Easy link
Austral Refrigeration
Australian Airlines
Australian Antarctic Division
Australian Defence Force
Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix
Australian Health Export industry
Baker Hughes Inteq
Baking Industry Employers
Bank West
Barclays Bank Plc
Bartercard Australia
Bell Atlantic Corporation
Biomed Holdings
Bond Corporation
Bond International Gold
Boots Healthcare
Boral Australian Gypsum
Borland Software ltd
British Aerospace (Aust) Ltd
BTR Nylex
Building Services Corporation

Civil and Civic
Coca Cola Amatil
Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Connect Internet Solutions
Corning Precision Lens
CSIRODairy Farmers
DAS Distribution
Deegan Advertising
Devine Homes
Dow Corning Corporation
Ent Corporation
Evans & Tate Ltd
FAL Food Services
Farm Pride Foods Ltd
Fastlane Software
Food Industry Training Council
Fox Sports
Gardner Electronics
Garvan Institute of Medical
Gateway Services Inc
GEAC Publishing Systems
Hayes Knight
Health Care of Australia
Health Insurance Fund of WA
Home Building Society
HSBC Bank Australia
International Art Services
James Hardy Industries
Kleinwort Benson Australia Ltd
Leader Community Newspapers
Leighton Contractors
Lend Lease Property Services
Lextar technologies
Lucent Technologies
Luscombe & Partners
MAB Corporation
Media Command
Media Lab Ltd
National Australia Bank
Ogilvy & Mather
Oracle Corporation
Pacific Star Communications
Paruma Island Council
PG&E Energy Trading
Pharmaust Manufacturing
PKF International
Pinkroccade Asia pacific
Poly Optics
Proctor & Gamble
Qantas Airways
Quiktrak Networks
Rentco Transport Equipment
Ringwood Diamond Materials Technology
Rogue Wave Software
Seagull Software
See Australia
Settlement 22 Management
SITI Group
Souther Star Group
Southern Egg Pty Ltd
Spherion Group
Steamship Trading Company
Sterling Hotels & Resorts
Sunskin Australia
Target Mining Corporation
Techstar Ltd
Thakral Holdings
The Bell Group
The Coca Cola Company
Thorn EMI Asia Pacific
TNT Australia
Tourisim Council of Australia
TPL Group

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    Perth, Western Australia, Australia


    1300 725 820